The Forest Medicines Sanctuary has grown out of visions.

Spring Brook

 Spring flow of the brook

I have been receiving visions of the land across the brook for a place to clearly feel and heal the disconnection with Nature. Actually, the disconnect is our delusion, She is and has always been within us and all around us. This adjacent land has been enveloping this little ‘dingle’* and is calling to be joined again.

An older vision is a place to have individual and group retreats; with private dome cabins in the forests and a center for larger gatherings for healing work such as meditation, yoga, qigong and guided healing from indigenous traditions.


Rare sighting of snow eagle 🙂

An even older vision is being completely surrounded by snow. It is so deep that I can not leave my cabin and have to make do with what is already in my cupboards and what is within my inner space. Peace without and peace within. Winter is a great time for my inner focus and my time to renew peace as a great virtue. Then, I can more easily feel that much that is within this eco-field has nestled under a quiessence on the surface. Meanwhile, I sense the building up of the resources under frozen water crystals where it is not frozen but is teaming with life’s renewal.

*a town in County Kerry, Ireland; the only town on the slender Dingle Peninsula. The Sanctuary address is on a small strip of land next to a brook.

Boulder with Ice Skirt