I’m still moving with the work that we have done a month ago, the results of the experiences have been astounding. The improvements in the sense of well being within myself within the contexts of living in the world have been nothing short of miraculous.

Shane Sayers-Couzyn, Musician, Virginia, Private Intensive

Mayer, I want to thank you for the Kambo experience – I feel very well held by you in that ceremony & continue this week to reap the benefits of the frog

Jo B, Psychologist, MA, Private Sessions

The insight continues to unfold by the moment.

Barbara Keeley, Mother, Bookkeeper, VT, Group Healing & Private Intensive

I honestly cannot believe all the changes that are happening in my life, constantly, since working with you and the teachings I received. It is pretty amazing. To say the least.

Jason C. Ajello, Tattoo Artist, Colorado, Private Intensive

I just wanna let you know that your teachings have help me stay away from the narcissist. This has been such an unfolding into my essence.

Jaime LaRose, Model, NH, Private Intensive

“I’m sorry I left without getting the chance to express in person how deeply grateful I am to you for hosting such an incredibly beautiful work in your home and for continuing to invite me as part of the family. It means so much to me; your land has become a spiritual home and this […]

Phil, Grad Student, Ithaca NY, Small Gathering

My visit to forest medicine sanctuary was quite amazing.There was a small group of 5 in the retreat and so we got to bond with one another as well as each get some one on one time with Mayer and his vast knowledge and wisdom. I learned new ways to look at life in a […]

Chris Sadowski, Graphic Artist, Boston, Small Gathering

Thank you for your hospitality and all your effort putting together a tremendous healing weekend. It was a joy and honor for me.

Amy Voorhess, Mother of 3, VT, Group Healing & Private Intensive

Mayer, this weekend was priceless. I cannot thank you enough for what you’ve done to help Amy. She has been able to remain free from all medications and is very grateful for your help. It’s a good feeling for me that we are sharing our journeys of life. It’s a pleasure to see you humbly […]

Steve Restmeyer, Mycologist/Herbalist, VT, Volunteer