Mayer’s Offerings

I am primarily a farmer, focusing on cultivating healthier inner landscapes. I enjoy helping others harvest the ‘seeds’ that are for their own enhancement and for the benevolence of others.

I am also a translator. After seeing many thousands of people and doing intensive self-healing work, my vessel is often able to assist an individual to discovery a language that resides within their tissues that has been forgotten and needs to be heard. A voice that has not been expressed fully has distortions that needs to be cleared as the stories we tell ourselves are very inadequate to clear the distortion..

I have been a medical board certified acupuncturist and Chinese Medical physician in Massachusetts since 1991. Over this time, I have refined an intuitive ability to sense others’ energies and imbalances from a distance, and to channel healing energy.

The personalized healing services I offer are focused on the restoration of vital energy for well being on all levels – physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual. To heal is to become free to be more fully human – loving of ourselves, loving the way we are in the world, and clearing the blocks to becoming that person we want to be.

Here are some of the experienced work that is available to you. All services are with limited availability. All new clients are reviewed for readiness for what is offered.

Private Healing Sessions

Concentration work that may include a unique blend of the healing works listed.

This work can be on an hourly or daily basis and in person or by phone or Zoom video conference.

Intensive Healing Work

This includes a unique schedule that may take several days with a stay in the local B & B or, in the future, in one of the retreat domes and allow for several concentration works and individualized healing sessions.

This intensive work may also occur in your home. Contact me to arrange details. Limited availability.

Guided Energy Medicine

There are many very interesting and challenging times as we develop as a human being, as we each move from the family towards the greater world, as we explore our new relationships in life and work, as we work to reach our potential and at retirement and as we move out of our body. Each stage can be a time where earlier life experiences show up as blocks to the further development on the emotional, mental, and spiritual levels.

To learn more, visit the full description of Guided Energy Medicine.

Clearing Energy Blocks

Clearing Energy Blocks is based on autonomic response testing or muscle testing. This methodology is a paradigm shift from standard medical evaluations and treatments. The process allows a person to understand their health condition directly from the body/ spirit as it bypasses the conditioning of the mental processing. Muscle testing reveals the true story of our ailments and how they are held as blocks in the physical system. The shift towards healing occurs through a clear intention of releasing and an integrative breathing method that is uniquely taught for each individual.


  • Checks for left/right (meridian), upper/lower (chakra) and energy field imbalances (aura). Corrective energy practices are used to rebalance.


  • Assesses & addresses systemic imbalances, such as chronic patterns of pain, autoimmune disorders, headaches, emotional blocking and mind/body disorders. Clearing is often experienced in the first session and deepens with each subsequent session

Shamanic Healing

This very traditional healing may take many directions as the process is guided by Spirit. This could be a healing and/or could be an initiation in a way of relating within oneself to the great mysteries. These are not techniques as much as a healing of our disconnect to the sacred.

Nature-based Ceremonies

These are Spirit guided connections to the Sacred through ritual ceremony.  They are not techniques.  They are a process to immerse oneself into allowing a greater intimacy with the Spirit of Nature, it’s a co-creative relationship, we are One. Go here to see more.


This is a very special moment in a couple’s lives. Mayer assists the process of co-creating a unique experience to honor your commitment. The Sanctuary offers a space that is sacred and the little waterfall adds a special energy. I am also avaiable for other venues.


Based on the discovery of energy pathways over 5,000 years ago, the art of diagnosis and relief of patterns of stress with thin acupuncture needles is now widely accepted. Acupuncture is recognized to enhance blood flow, neurological function, immunological response, lymph function (detoxification), body relaxation, calming the mind, and endorphin release (feel good and pain reduction). It is an excellent method to enhance the intelligence of every system of the body. It is deeply integrative of all levels: physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. My approach with acupuncture is therapeutically transformational as well as educational (we need to change our thinking and ability to enter aesthesia -a soulful awareness). My approach is based on my unique training in Japanese Toyo Hari with blind practitioners and based on the 5 Transformations of Energy. This traditional medicine is full of pragmatic wisdom and assists to become empowered with Chi!

Therapeutic Light Qi Gong

This is an individualized practice designed to improve health and vitality and is based on the energetics of Light and the ancient practices of acupuncture and qigong (chi kung). Relaxation and re-energizing occurs within the first few minutes. Use this individualized session as the basis for your life practice. 15 minutes daily is suggested to cultivate more energy!

This practice is also offered in groups.

Sound Healing

Based on both ancient and modern understanding of focused sound for healing, this service utilizes the Six Healing Sounds, Acutonics®, and other instruments such as voice, harmonica and drumming to activate a healing response within the body. Home practice is emphasized to continue the effect of opening to our true self.
This practice is also offered in groups.


Combining the enhanced energy flow of acupuncture with precise meridian bodywork creates a deeply relaxing and revitalizing experience. Feeling lighter and more energy is assured with this loving and focused touch.

Chinese Medicine Consultation

This service provides the opportunity to get the Chinese medical perspective from a seasoned practitioner on any aspect of your health. Areas of discussion may include acupuncture, herbal medicine, qi gong, diet, meditation and prognosis of the effectiveness of these modalities for your condition. Traditional Chinese Medicine is inclusive of the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. You will receive an enhanced perspective along with some grounded treatment approaches to move into the shifts that are needed.

Energy Psychology

This school of therapy was discovered by a psychologist to work on the meridian system of Chinese Medicine to access the disruptive patterns of emotions and thought. I have trained and taught protocols that I have developed at EP Conferences. They are very effective methods along with muscle testing to look at limiting core beliefs, repetitive destructive patterning and reset the mind-body dynamic to a normal state.

This is also offered in groups.

Pulse, Tongue & Abdominal Diagnosis

This trilogy of diagnostic methods can reveal the primary patterns of energy imbalance and forms the foundation to address a healing focus on the root cause or primary deficiency, When the primary deficiency is addressed, the whole system responds in a positive self-corrective direction. Get clear understanding about a treatment focus from these very traditional insightful tools of the native medicines from Japan and China. This can be a stand alone diagnosis or is integral to an acupuncture or Chinese medicine consultation.

I look forward to sharing Sacred healing space with you. Allow me to support the fruition of your deepest, truest self.

To explore your healing option with a  consultation, you may contact me here.

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