Deep Healing from the Amazon Forests - Kambô (Phyllomedusa bicolor)

Research has revealed that the secretion of Phyllomedusa bicolor contains at least nine highly effective & powerful bio-active peptides, including dermorfine, deltorphin, adenoregulin, phyllokinin and phyllomedusin.

Kambô works on all levels, as needed- physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. The results are often an enhanced and deep experience of peace and feelings of love.

The Kambô is suitable for most people who have some kind of disturbance or imbalance. Please inquire, there are contraindications for pregnancy, nursing, transplant surgery, and other.

The Kambô vaccine is a powerful key to healing the wounds that we all carry.  This frog has no enemies.  There is inherent fear and suffering in all beings.  The frog allows for the experience that transcends & helps us heal our sense of fear and separation from others and Nature.

Please email to inquire about kambô for you and how to schedule a session at the Sanctuary or request information about bringing kambô to your area. Group and private healing sessions are available in Western Mass on Sunday mornings or individually scheduled at other times.

The traditional recommendation to maximize immunity consists of three sessions within one lunar cycle per year. More frequent sessions may be needed for chronic disease.

Mayer Kirkpatrick, founder of Forest Medicines Sanctuary (a 501c3), is an acupuncturist since 1991 and practitioner of shamanic medicine since 1996. He has received the blessings to administer the kambô from Davi Nunes de Paula and Fabiana Piedede Ribello from Acre, Brazil, founders of the New Era Community. As an acupuncturist, he is able to use traditional Chinese medical knowledge in the application of point selection and meridian activation to maximize the benefits of each frog session.

“I’m still moving with the work that we have done a month ago, the results of the experiences have been astounding. Additionally, there is a sense of permanence to the changes, indeed, nothing has been so effective in the treatment of the depression that has colored much of the last half of my life.”
-Shane, age 37, musician & songwriter

“Today, I am simply an arrow moving through space…easy, direct, grounded, very awake, compassionate and ­NOT fatigued. Amazing! And I feel like I am living from the best of who I am. Again, thank you.”
-Grace, age 52, psychotherapist