Ai 1453772173The focus for the Forest Medicines Sanctuary has arisen from the observation that we are experiencing disharmony from a weakened connection to and from the eco-field, that which sustains us. My home and the Sanctuary land has become a gathering place for a reconnection to what is Sacred within us. We are Nature… we are all part of Her and she is the foundation of our lives.

This reality has been repeatedly validated and comes from intensive study through the lens of being a Father and the healing work of acupuncture, qigong, kinesiology, sound healing and shamanic practices. All I am able to learn brings me to stand close with Our Mother Earth and all that is Sacred. She is a great teacher and being humble is such a necessary approach to communion.


My lifetime focus is to preserve the integrity of the sanctuary by joining with adjacent lands that envelops the current sanctuary land. Currently, we are blessed to have been deeded with an additional 48 acres. This land abuts 450 acres of private and town conservation land. This has an old homestead & buildings in much need of repair, a pond, fields for permaculture and the remainder is natural forest land with sightings of moose, bear, deer, otter, heron, bobcats and more.

The water that flows through here is the most pure essence from the depths of the Mother… coming straight out of the earth in these hills.


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Thank you for joining us for this preservation and creation of a place for healing.

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that sustain all of us