I ask you to join us with this Prayer. Please add your own words and heartfelt expression.

I pray for this Sanctuary, asking the Nature Spirits and the Ancestors who live in harmony with Nature to support these prayers and teach the ways of Harmony with Nature. We ask all Celestial Spirits to offer Divine guidance and support. We want to manifest an old vision for forested private retreats and small gatherings of people who come together to re-experience engagement with the Sacred language with all the relations within this eco-system so all may receive the powerful Love from Nature here.

We are also envisioning off-grid power sources and these forest villages become fully equipped with mountain spring water, kitchens, showers and domes for ceremonies, healing and resting.

The low land area of approximately 8 acres will have permaculture landscaping and bountiful gardens. The forests already are providing medicinal and culinary plants and fungal varieties. May we learn how to use them for our health. A spring fed stream runs through and will include restoration of a 1 acre pond for fish, frogs and other aquatic life and a place where we will have a swimming hole in the Summer and ice skating in the Winter.

The lowland has a neglected house, garage, barn and stables that will receive the renovation that will bring them to full restoration for use as a center for the activities of the Sanctuary.IMG 4349
We are also envisioning the forest stewardship of over 50 acres abutting 450 acreas of private and state protected land with a preservation that will maintain the forests for the wildlife and for our children. Within these forests will be dome cabins where those questing for renewal and needing a stronger vision for their life and work can be supported.

We see this as a community project, one that will allow an intimate connection with this Nature individually and together. We also feel that this is a very important direction for our community to be of service in the future.

We see that by coming together in prayer and activities that benefit the community, we will become personally stronger and gain clarity over our confusions.

Please, in addition to your prayers, join us by volunteering to assist the manifestation of this vision or if you have the means and the heart… make a tax deductible contribution. A modest estimate to develop our full vision over ten years is $750K.

Blessings to All,

photoBrook with Amma & TaySeimming Hole