Mission Statement

  • Worship the One God as expressed in First Nation Peoples’ Traditions.
  • Practice the healing ways that have been passed to us from these Peoples.
  • Support the Spiritual Leaders and communities aligned to share and guide our healing.
  • Honor and share the teachings from other traditions that have integrated the wisdom of these First Peoples’ Traditions.
  • Worship the One God as expressed in all the manifestations of Nature, and treat all elements of Nature as Relatives essential to Humanity.
  • Support and preserve the natural environment of the sanctuary to assure that pure food and water is available for private retreats, group retreats, and ceremonies.
  • Offer Spiritual Healing Services to local and visiting individuals in need.
  • Offer Spiritual Charity services to those with challenges.

Guiding Principles


We are committed to the Indigenous culture of reciprocity. We acknowledge and recognize that:

  • Giving-and-receiving is interconnected and organic;
  • We are a world family – the north and south hemisphere are connected;
  • We are a holistic family that honors and connects with elders and spirituality;
  • The natural resources are our family and our time on earth is limited, so healing is our future.


We foster dynamic and inclusive relationships. We base our relationships on the indigenous processes of:

  • Empowerment and courage;
  • Transparency, access, and open processes;
  • Risk taking, flexibility, and adaptability;
  • Investing more than money.


We are committed, passionate, and courageous champions of Indigenous needs:


We seek long-term engagement through learning relationships:

  • The meeting points of the “conversation” in livelihood, security, empowerment and rights.
  • Organizational indigenous representation.
  • Shared relationships based on cultural respect, not power.