The creation of Forest Medicines Sanctuary logo was an inspirational process based on my visions about the future of the sanctuary. This process went through 112 revisions in an international logo tournament, the winning designer lives in Turkey. After the final design was chosen, I worked with additional design changes and creation of a favicon* with our local graphic artist Chris (

The outer circle contains 5 words that were recognized as Essential by the ancient shamanic culture from Siberia, where the word shaman originated.

Health, Happiness, Truth, Beauty and Light are 5 Essential Human Qualities. My understanding is that they are essential for our life- a life that is radiant, prosperous and connected.

The name of the Sanctuary and the subtitle description- Healing with the Love from Nature- highlight the focus here and allows for the outer expressions of these Essential Human Qualities. Whatever we do here at FMS internally, must reflect out into the world through integrated connections with these qualities. My vision is that these qualities are like the guideposts for our lives and our work that we share with others. What would it be like if our family and communities were clearly expressing a deep connection with these 5 qualities?

My understanding about these 5 qualities is that we already have a relationship with each quality- some people have them naturally developed and others with have them in a nascent or blocked form of development.

Our work in this life would be greatly enriched if we had each of these qualities in balance. The qualities that are already naturally developed do not need our constant focus, they come easily. An over emphasis on one quality could be obstructive to the awareness of the need to develop the other qualities.

We always have choices. For example, we may struggle to be understood… to be seen for the truth of who we are. We can choose to continue to approach things the same way (trying to get this from another) or we can choose to ask if the way we are focusing (to be understood in our truth) is clearly enhancing or inhibiting the development of one or more of the Essential Human Qualities. If it is unclear or we get a clear indication that it is obscuring, I suggest changing your focus on one Quality that needs more attention.. to call it up into our awareness and to teach us a perspective that can bring a clarification on our struggle to be seen in our truth. And to show us that we have this essential quality of truth already- we can’t really get that need met primarily from others. We can recognize and know ourselves better by moving our attention to another one of these qualities which creates more movement into wholeness. We are always much more than one quality, one thought or one emotion.

The Heart is at the center of the logo. The Heart is comprised of more then itself although it is the center of the chakra alignment. The FMS logo heart has all the colors of the chakra system forming a circle, denoting that they are equal participants in our wholeness.

This inner circle of Hearts within this FMS vision was created into this favicon… favicon

A Circle and the number Seven are sacred in many traditions.

This Heart is connected by a tree trunk that is rooted in the Sacred Earth. This tree has a spiraling trunk like a tenacious vine that rises and opens into the Heart. It is a tree of life…a tree of knowledge.

At the center of the logo and at the center of the Heart is Light that emanates seven rays and a radiance of each chakra in balance.

Someone asked me “where does love fit into the 5 essential qualities”? Love is the medicine that allows all these qualities into existence, for without love these qualities would not be sustainable. Each quality is part of the investment in love as medicine of the Heart.

Each of the 5 Essential Human Qualities is an expression of the investment in ourselves and a radiance of inner Light to all our Relations.