What are the basics of a Nature-based Community?

The formation of a nature based community functioning as a spiritual family begins with inner work of forming a council within of all the aspects or voices of self. The methods are many. This inner work forms the basis that creates a strong community attractor field. This inner council comprises all the voices including the angry, punitive, afraid and wounded and this listening allows these voices to not dominate the individual expression and undermine the community.

The community is based on a council of outer and inner allies. This allows the family to avoid the outer and inner arrogance & narcissistic ways that are rampant in the world. These outer allies are the bacteria, rocks, wind, plants, trees, elements, insects, reptiles, fish, mammals, birds, weather and all that surrounds us and sustains us. We also need the inner allies such as the blood, fluids, rhythms, pulses, waves, organs, cells, systems, brain, desires, needs and all thoughts and emotions to come into harmony with the larger eco-field. We need development of an awareness of what we are putting into the eco-field.

The community is based on a council of ancestors or the unseen realm. This requires the use of our sixth sense for the journey of family. The basis for developing this sense is primarily through shamanic practices of nature-based experiences and ceremonies.

The community emerges out of long term partnerships/friendships and mentoring or both which allows for structural integrity. These qualities are demonstrated as: working through conflicts, vulnerabilities, shadows, safety, finances, emotional/mental/physical challenges, plummeting the depths of experience to explore our edges and expand our awareness. With these qualities developed, we as family demonstrate grounded stability. And these qualities all develop naturally within Nature-based relationship formation.

The community welcomes council from the energetic / spiritual relatives and this is central to forming the family reality.

The community requires nature-based ceremonies to foster our true hearts and true minds through acquired intimacy with the eco-fields.

The community serves as an antennae or tuning device that serves as an attractor field that allows for massaging by communal hands the illnesses of our Earth and her people and allows the community to broadcast a healing message.

The community works with the power of intention to shape the reality. The intention creation needs to be clearly and explicated stated, pass through the communal awareness space, healing of the corporal contractions within the community and include a revisiting of the communally aware choices so that the broadcast of intention is accepted by the Universe without conflicted behaviors.

The community serves as mediators not by telling or defining visions but by listening to those of the family members, retelling the visions through developing oral tradition and being open to experiences of different dimensions of reality.

The community serves in intermediary participation between the human community and the larger eco-fields to assure that there is nourishment that flows between them.

The community seeks to restore the trust for profound intimacy with their local and larger eco-fields with their inner eco-fields as a means to overcome wayward human behaviors.

The community accepts the task of becoming multilingual with the capacity to move up and down the values of human cultural evolution.

We are all One Family even though we use different languages and are at different places on the flow of the river of life.

*adapted from the seminal work of Dr. Will Taegel outlined in The Mother Tongue: Intimacy in the Eco-Field, Ch 13, Qualities of the Communal Vessel.

**Here are some good resources: the 4 Directions & 8 Directions (The Sacred Hoop or Medicine Wheel), The Eight Shields Model, Five Transformations of Energy and Eight Parameters of Chinese Medicine, and the Four Temperaments of Greek origin. Other Models of 8 energetic correspondences are also seen in the traditions of the 8 Hexagrams as the foundation of Ba Gua of Tai Chi and Feng Shui.

Recent models that are useful for inner work are the Color Codes , Human Design and The Voice Dialogue.