Walk into the Sanctuary

Forest Medicines Sanctuary, a 501(c)3 faith based non-profit, has arisen from the need of many thousands of people I have worked with. We all share a passion for healing and are suffering with a lack of intimacy with Nature’s healing energies and the relationship with the Sacred in our lives.  FMS is the manifestation of a deep awareness that most of us are overwhelmed, confused and over-stimulated and that our innate healing ability has become compromised with the current cultural lifestyle. We need a focus and places to reconnect, reset and rejuvenate.

We are located on a mountain brook protected by local and Massachusetts Conservation Commission. This sweet sounding brook is one of the purest spring fed waters in the region. In Native traditions, water is the ‘Medicine of Life‘.

Inner peace is at the root of healing and is a highly valued virtue by all of life. It is the middle path or harmony between opposing energies. Here you will be moved to relearn the virtue of Peace and expand your intimacy with the sustaining powers of Nature.

It is our intention that this sanctuary nourish with her gentle power and strengthen our resolve to live from a place of peace and share it with all those we meet on our journeys through life. We are all connected within this Love from Nature.

Thank you for visiting the virtual home of Forest Medicines Sanctuary. Our Hearts welcome your visit here or to the Sanctuary. We are here to nourish your peace and intimacy with Nature in some way.

We extend a welcome for you to join our newsletter and participate in some of our educational and ceremonial activities offered at the Sanctuary while communing with the Love and Peace from Nature.

Blessings of Love-Light,