Forest Medicines Services

These services are part of the plan with the acquisition...

Spirit Quest, Prayer Circle, Healing Circle, Praying with Tobacco...

Teachings and Practices to support the essential Human Qualities of Health, Happiness, Truth, Beauty, and Light.

Personalized healing services I offer are focused on the restoration of vital energy for well being...

Research has revealed that the secretion of Phyllomedusa bicolor contains...


Energy Balance- Practice 1

The more you can relax into this simple practice, the more your energy will open and flow.

Science and Art Within

I value that the body is part of our mindfulness and the brain neural network is actually a continuation that collects and send signals throughout the body. This includes the epigenetic and eco-field information that passes through us.

Healthy Egg Nog with Vegan and Keto Options

Some recipes call for you to cook the egg nog but I chose to make this one raw, because I’m personally not afraid of raw egg yolks from hens fed organic feed and pasture raised.

When you cook egg yolks, you oxidize some of the cholesterol, making it a little bit less healthy. Honestly, the taste is better raw  in my opinion.

To mix the ingredients of this raw egg nog is very simple…

about us

Forest Medicines Sanctuary, a 501(c)3 faith based non-profit

has arisen from the need of many thousands of people I have worked with. We all share a passion for healing and are suffering with a lack of intimacy with Nature’s healing energies and the relationship with the Sacred in our lives.


I have been receiving visions for a place to clearly feel

for a place to clearly feel and heal the disconnection with Nature. Actually, the disconnect is our delusion, She is and has always been within us and all around us. This adjacent land has been enveloping this little ‘dingle’* and is calling to be joined again.



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